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Welcome to El Cortijo del Rector, our home in the hills of Andalucia, Spain, where Val and I live on our olive farm with Biggles, the Aspull Terrier and Bella the Brat. 


We are both from an ancient Lancashire town called Wigan. Val is an uptown girl from Orrell, where the leafy avenues are named after poets. My life began In Ince, between the cooling towers and the railway engine sheds.

Wigan was a Roman military station. Its Parish Church, where twelve generations of my family were baptised, married and buried, was 'one of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit'.

In more modern times Wigan became well known for coal, cotton, pies and Rugby League. It is also famous for a non-existent pier, invented a hundred years ago' when a comedian passing through on a train glimpsed a loading gantry on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.


A Wigan Childhood  (Palatine Books 2010)

No Baboons in India (Create Space 2013)

In and Around Wigan Through Time (Amberley (2014)

Six Steps from Wigan Pier (JMD Media 2016)

A Rocket for the Lodgers (Almazara Press 2021)

Wigan Pier to Andalucia (Almazara Press 2022)


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